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Setting up your system

Connecting the Acoustimass® module to the music center

Connect the Acoustimass module to the music center with the audio input cable provided with your system.

  • Insert the small black 8-pin plug (flat side facing up) into the jack marked SPEAKER ZONE 1 located on the back of the music center
  • Insert the right-angle 8-pin plug into the AUDIO INPUT jack on the Acoustimass module
  • Extend the audio input cable as much as possible, since it includes an antenna for the remote control

Connecting the Jewel Cube® speakers to the Acoustimass® module

  • Insert the keyed connector into the jack on the rear of each speaker. Orient the small knob up and insert the plug fully into the jack. This keyed connector only fits one way into the jack, which ensures proper polarity (+ to + and - to -) connections
  • Insert the other ends of the speaker cables into the corresponding left and right jacks on the Acoustimass module. Speaker cables have green connectors at one end, with L (left) and R (right) molded into the connectors

Connecting to power

  • Plug the power cord into the AC POWER jack on the Acoustimass module, and to a power outlet
  • Plug the power supply into the AC POWER jack on the music center, and to a power outlet

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